Directions to Meeting Locations

Here are the locations of most of the Orangeville Tracking and Nature Club walks. This information is provided as a convenience in case you wish to revisit one of the walk locations and can't remember how to get there.


BRUCE TRAIL - 4th Line Hockley Valley:
Take Hwy. 10 north of Orangeville to Hockley Rd.  Turn right at the lights and follow Hockley Road to the first bend (approx. 1 km).  Head straight up the hill instead of going left around the bend.  You are now on Sideroad 5 going east.  Continue on this road until you reach the 4th Line (approx. 6 km). Turn left (north) on the 4th Line about half a km and you will see the trail heading to the left (marked with blue blazes), just before the big bend to the right.  If you go around the bend and start down hill then you have gone too far! There is space to pull over on the left side of the road. In the winter please don't go beyond the bend and start downhill - the road curves and is very steep - it may be very slippery.

Take highway 10 north past Orangeville to Camilla and turn right  on 15 Sideroad to go East -- this is the same road that goes to Mono Cliffs Park/Mono Centre.   Go past 2 roads till you come to the 90 degree bend in the road and turn right again onto Second Line south (this is the third road from Hwy. 10 ).  Go approx. 400 meters to Dunby Road and turn left.  The trail head is another 400 meters or so up the road on the right.  There is a small area to pull off and park.

Credit River/ Orangeville Town Canada Flag:
From Hwy. 10: At Broadway and Hwy. 10 turn West. At first set of lights turn left (south) onto Townline. Follow Townline till you come to gas station on left hand side located directly across from sewage treatment plant. Parking is behind gas station and on left side of the road located at the bend on Townline.

FORKS OF THE CREDIT PROVINCIAL PARK - Large parking lot on the 2nd line west: 
The easiest route to this large parking lot is to head south out of Orangeville on Hwy 10 to Caledon Village.  From there you turn right onto County Road 24 (used to be Provincial Hwy 24). This is at the lights, where there is a gas station, do-nut shop and convenience store. Proceed west on County Road 24 to McLaren Road (used to be 2nd Line) (approx. 3-4 km.)  Take a left onto McLaren Road (to go south).  The parking lot is about 2 km south on the left side.  There are a few other ways to get to this parking lot, depending which direction you come from, but this is the most straightforward approach.

Take Hwy. 10 north from Orangeville to Hockley Road (2km out of Orangeville).  Turn right (east) on Hockley Road and follow it as it curves left around the bend (don't go straight up the hill), until you reach 2nd Line, approx. 5-6 km from Hwy. 10. There is room to pull off the road either side and park your vehicle. The Bruce Trail heads to the north uphill from the road and the 2nd Line goes to the right down the hill (south). 

Take hwy. 10 north of Orangeville (1km) to Hockley Road, where you turn right (east) and follow this road as it curves left (do not go up the hill). You will reach 3rd Line which is approx. 4 km from the Highway 10 intersection. You will see where 3rd Line goes to the right (south). Pass this road and you will see where it goes to the left (north) another 50 feet down the road. Turn left here and proceed to go over two bridges and you will see where there is a spot to pull off the road to the right.

MONO CLIFFS - 2nd Line entrance (West side, entrance by the outdoor education centre):
Take Hwy 10 north of Orangeville to Dufferin County Road 8. Turn right (east). Go east, following the road as it makes a 90-degree bend to the left, to continue north. You will come to the small town of Mono Centre. Here the main road makes a turn to the right. Instead of turning right, continue straight (still going north). Go to the end of this road and park on the right or left side before the gate (keep the gate clear).

MONO CLIFFS - 25th Sideroad entrance (North side):
Proceed along Hwy. 10 North of Orangeville, until you hit 25th Sideroad Mono (approx. 6-8 kms). Turn right (East) onto 25th Sideroad. Continue east past Hurontario Road and 1st Line to the 2nd Line. Right here at 2nd Line and 25th Sideroad is the entrance to the Mono Cliffs Park.  There will be a wooden ladder going over the fence and a yellow gate on the right hand side of the road. There is space to pull off the road on the right. In the winter please don't go farther along the road - the road curves and is very steep - it may be very slippery.


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