May 5, 2007

Spring Wildflowers

Meeting Report & Photos by Alexis Burnett

We had a great turnout of eager 'learners' for our wildflower walk over the weekend. It was good to see some familiar faces and we couldn't of asked for a better day. Beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures treated us to a great day of wildflower lore.


Thanks to Richard Aaron who provided us with many lessons on the lore and reasons behind many of the common and scientific names of the plants that we came across. It was fascinating to hear all of this information and it was very apparent that Richard has a wealth of experience and expertise in this field.
As we ventured down a side trail of the Bruce Trail through the hardwoods we found many spring wildflowers growing under the sugar maples. At each plant we would stop and discuss the many characteristics of each plant and Richard had many stories to share. We also spent a little bit of time talking about the medicinal qualities of some of the plants that we came across as well. Each of us shared what we knew and observed and it made for a fascinating day studying and looking at wildflowers. It would be hard to put into words all that Richard shared with us. You'll have to come out next time to get an idea of the scope of research that he has done. Here are some of the plants that we came across on our walk.
Red Trillium
Spring Beauty
Squirrel Corn and Dutchmans Breeches. Can you tell the difference between these familiar species?
Blue Cohosh
Trout Lily
Wild Ginger
After lunch we ventured down to the beaver pond area and we all explored this spot around the lodge and dam. The girls stalked frogs and began to give each one a name as they stalked/caught them. It was quite entertaining.
After this we slowly made our way back to the cars and stopped at a few more plants while Richard shared his stories with the group. At the top of the hill we took a short break to admire the view from the lookout.
All in all it was a beautiful day and we all learned a lot and had a great time. I'm thankful to each person who came out on this spring day and to all the wildflowers that shared themselves with us.

Happy Tracking


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