July 6, 2003

MONO CLIFFS - 2nd Line entrance (West side)

Meeting report & photos by Alexis Burnett


There were three of us that made the venture into Mono Cliffs Park over the weekend. It was a beautiful sunny day and the smell (and feel) of summer was thick in the air. The forest and fields were bursting with life, as we walked down the cool shady trail into the park. Not far along we came upon a beautiful patch of Dogbane plants growing in a glade in the forest. We noted how they varied in appearance from the shady to sunny spots and talked a little about the use of this plant in cordage making. The flowers are very beautiful.


Most of the early wildflowers had vanished or were on their way to producing fruit and seeds including the trilliums, violets, baneberries, ginger, blue cohosh, etc... The jewelweed was quite thick under the heavy canopy of maple and beech.


At the bottom of the escarpment we stopped by the beaver pond for a while
as it is always a place for many discoveries. 


Along the shore we found tracks and sign of rabbit, mink, deer, beaver and raccoons.

There were many insect buzzing around as well as some hungry "jumping" fish. The water was a little low, but there was sign of some fresh beaver activity. It was interesting to view the places where the beavers had fed heavily last fall and winter and look at how they were re-generating.



We decided to hike up the other side of the valley and have some lunch on one of the cliffs. After a short hike up we spent some time reveling in the beauty of the surrounding area. As always there were many turkey vultures soaring on the rising thermals. Many birds were singing in the canopy below including thrushes, ovenbirds, chickadees etc... 


On our walk back we stopped by one of the marshy areas and collected some pollen from the cattails and found some cool muskrat trails. 

One of the ponds was 'overflowing' so to speak and was breaking a new trail down on of the paths before merging again with the stream a short while later. There were many discoveries made and a great time was had on this day. 



I'd like to thank everyone that was out that day and invite anyone who is interested to come and walk with us.


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