May 4, 2003

MONO CLIFFS - 2nd Line entrance (West side)

Meeting report & photos by Alexis Burnett


On this beautifully sunny spring day four of us ventured into the Mono Cliffs Park in search of many of the new wildflowers emerging from the forest floor. It didn't take long before we were avidly identifying and getting to know many species of wildflowers, some in bloom and others just emerging from the soil.


Some of these species included: Coltsfoot, Spring Beauty, Yarrow, Trout Lily, Blue Cohosh, Wild Ginger, Dutchman's Breeches, Bellwort, Waterleaf, and many species of ferns, mosses and horsetails, among many others.

Here is a photo of a Trout Lily flower.



Wild Ginger flower





On this beautiful day there were many birds singing and soaring on the thermals and the feeling of "re-birth" and re-generation" was in the air. There were many people enjoying the park on this day. In the valley bottom we came across a few ponds and beaver houses and investigated the area making many new discoveries


There were many species of frogs in the shallow water on the edges of the pond and we found a few spots where there were large sacs of eggs that were freshly laid, carefully attached to different branches and logs.


Upon further examination we noticed many other animals including, salamanders, tadpoles, turtles and a wide variety of fish and minnows.

What a great spot! 



A good time was had by all as we each learned many new lessons. A quick stop by the spring on the way home brought the day to a close. We thank everyone who attended and look forward to meeting many new people in the upcoming months.


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